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You Will Learn The Right Way To Clean The Sun Hat

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Ophthalmologist reminded that some sun hat made of poor quality film, do not have a professional anti-ultraviolet function, at the same time, because of its material refractive media poor transmittance, people feel blurred when the material; The density of the material is not uniform, so that the scene may see the deformation, which will increase, causing people's visual fatigue. Therefore, wearing such a hat not only can not achieve the role of sun, but also may cause no impact on people's eyesight, and even lead to road accidents.

In general, the elderly to choose a narrow side of the straw hat is appropriate, it is simple, solemn; young men go out activities, long time, easy to wear wide-brimmed straw hat; young woman delicate skin color, choose folding folding wide white hat, Can increase the decorative beauty; primary school students choose a green hat along the sun hat, can effectively protect the eyes; field work construction workers, should be selected to wear a hat to block the sun in the UV, while preventing the head from accidental injury. In short, no matter what kind of hat, should be required to have a thin, cool features. Choose a sun hat, in addition to choose their own style, but also should pay attention to its sunscreen effect, should choose large hat, light; In addition, should also pay attention to the sun hat sweat or perspiration effect.

In the scorching scorching sun, the hat not only for the beauty of women blocking ultraviolet rays, but also shaping a variety of summer beauty image.

Sun hat clean aliasing? The correct steps to clean the sun hat should be this:

1, remove the sun hat decoration.

2, clean the sun hat tend to use water and gently soak the soap gently.

3, gently wipe with a soft brush.

4, thoroughly rinse clean dust and bacteria, of course, if your choice is antibacterial material, remove this step.

To wash a special sun hat:

1, the cap can be used onion slices with gasoline soaked cloth to wipe smooth hair, you can achieve a good washing effect.

2, mixed soft felt hat stains can be added with ammonia water the same amount of alcohol bush. First soak with a piece of silk soaked in this mixture and then scrub. The sun hat can not make it too wet.

3, knit the hat to wash the best stuffed with crumpled paper and cloth sets of hats and then dry.