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The Role And Choice Of The Sun Hat

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

The effect of the sun hat

Summer with the weather getting hot, a can cover the whole face of the sun hat in many city streets quietly popular, there are eye experts to remind that this is known as "sunscreen eye" sun hat many are inferior Products, not only can not play a role, but also may affect people's eyesight.

Walking in the streets will find that most people wearing this sun hat are cycling ladies and younger children. In the small commodity market, covered with this is selling the sun hat, the price is generally 7 yuan to 10 yuan, which is similar to the use of colored plastic material, you can flexibly up and down, both like ordinary sun hat , Can also be used as sunglasses. Businesses told customers that this anti-UV hat, this summer we all like to buy, there is a protective effect, not easy to basking in the skin, to stimulate the eyes.

The choice of sun hat

Ophthalmologist reminded that some sun hats made of poor quality film, do not have a professional anti-ultraviolet function, at the same time, because of its material refractive media poor transmittance, people feel blurred when the material; The density of the material is not uniform, so that the scene may see the deformation, which will increase, causing people's visual fatigue. Therefore, wearing such a hat not only can not achieve the role of sun, but also may cause no impact on people's eyesight, and even lead to road accidents.

In general, the elderly to choose a narrow side of the straw hat is appropriate, it is simple, solemn; young men go out activities, long time, optional wear wide-width straw hat; young woman delicate skin color, choose folding folding wide white cloth hat, Can increase the decorative beauty; primary school students choose a green hat along the sun hat, can effectively protect the eyes; field work construction workers, should take a hat to block the sun in the UV, while preventing the head from accidental injury. In short, no matter what kind of hat, should be required to have a thin, cool features.