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Customized Uniform Cleaning Tips

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016

Wash customized uniform is often the workers do every day, some friends wash clothes very fast, out on the off. In fact, this approach is not very good. In general, our clothes in the wash, it is best to soak it in water for laundry for some time. This is still a lot of benefits. Here to introduce you to the main reason ~

First, it can make the surface of cloth attached to the dust and sweat from working clothes into the water, can enhance the quality of washing clothes, but also save detergent. You can use water penetration, leaving the fabric into the washing liquid before full expansion, so that the eyes of the cloth by squeezing dirt floating on the surface, easy to remove.

Second, some poor wash fastness dyed product easy bleaching, pre-soak work uniforms can find these problems in a timely manner, to take preventive measures to facilitate the washing process. Soak the cloth should be sufficient water, immersion time to be determined in accordance with varieties of clothing, material, old, dirty and clean and color fastness. In general, the jacket 510 minutes, 15 minutes close clothing fibers, worsted wool clothing 1520 minutes, woolen woolen garment 20 to 30 minutes, the blanket, sweater 20 minutes.