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Custom Three Principles Overalls

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016

Customized uniform of choice is very important, not only to wear clothes a good long time, but also for enterprises to save money overalls custom aspects, more importantly, can be a good representative of the corporate image, then select the customized uniform principles which should follow it? Customized uniform manufacturers to you briefly under

Overalls material aspects

Material overalls with cotton cloth is superior, its environmentally friendly cotton fabric, breathable, fire-retardant features, like the majority of customers, different thickness of cotton and weave with, overalls made of different cloth large , tactile and visual are also different. Workwear clothing is generally divided into youth cloth, oxford cloth, gingham and Xiping cloth, fabric material directly determines the quality of overalls.

According to case selection

Different occasions to wear overalls requirements are different, so to be chosen according to the occasion overalls, overalls senior fine texture, artistic sense, black or white the best fit in important social events such as banquets, parties, celebrations and other occasions. I suggest you do not have to buy the cotton wool of pure silk, these fabrics easily deformed, yellow, pleated, and the price is more expensive to buy good technology, good texture knitting, hemp yarn and synthetic fabrics can.

To dress appropriately

Different people wearing clothes is different, especially heavier than people wear small square collar work clothes seem a little formality, cramped, should choose a pointed collar big clothes more appropriate. Tall and dignified people do not choose to wear clothes decorated with decorative buttons on the kind of collar clothes, although there are popular. Casual clothing is generally used in this type of home clothes comfortable cotton fabrics, color pattern personalized, suitable for home, walks and outings wearing. Selection must be relaxed, but good quality, because leisure is not equal casual.

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