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Cotton Yarn Bag Gloves, Also Known As Labor Insurance Gloves

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

In summer, there are still a lot of friends who insist on working in the first line of the need for a pair of cotton Bag Gloves, some of them are construction workers, some workshop workers, some logistics personnel, some chemical workers, some electric workers ... ... their hard hands Creating a great value but also the most vulnerable to damage, cotton Bag Gloves to give their hands the greatest protection.

Cotton Bag Gloves, also known as labor insurance gloves, labor insurance products in the application of the most extensive range. Cotton yarn is usually woven with a cotton fabric, with low prices, strong and durable, breathable, isolated features, for the protection of both hands have an important role. For the construction workers, logistics workers and workshop workers, their hands long-term high-intensity high-frequency operation, if you do not wear gloves, will cause grinding, grinding, cocoon, long this will cause the palm of your hand scarred, and cotton Bag Gloves can To minimize the wear on the palm of your hand. For chemical workers, their hands will often touch some corrosive chemicals, these chemicals corrode the skin, hurt hands, and even cause discomfort, causing allergies or poisoning, cotton Bag Gloves can be a good isolation of chemicals and Hands of direct contact to protect the health of chemical workers. And some people engaged in the work of electricity, work with both hands directly contact with the power equipment, may cause the body electric shock, cotton Bag Gloves with insulation characteristics, can eliminate the electric workers electric shock safety hazards. For other, such as mine workers, electronics factory staff, food factory staff, cotton Bag Gloves also played a huge role.

Still worried about your hands hurt? Still to pick a good glove and worry about it? A pair of cotton Bag Gloves also your health hands, so you work worry!