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Choose The Sun Hat Seconds Change Fashion People

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

Sunny hot weather, a hat for you to cover the sun is essential, it is more than sunglasses function, more convenient and practical than the sun umbrella, but also play a decorative role, the election of a stylish sun hat Can change your temperament, seconds change fashion up to people!

Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only shade to avoid sun, but also play a decorative role. You can choose the sun hat is also pay attention to the general should be based on the following 5 points to choose.

1, according to the hair selection. Stay long hair of women, choose to wear around the wide eaves of the sun hat, you can receive hair care to avoid the effect of sun; short hair of the people, choose to wear wide eaves or narrow eaves of the sun hat are more appropriate.

2, according to shape selection. Body shape of the female, choose a larger sun hat; body chunky women should try to choose light-colored, narrow eaves sun hat; neck shorter people to half-eaves and narrow eaves sun hat more appropriate, if Choose a wide-brimmed sun hat, will make people have a sense of oppression; skin white people can choose the color of the more bright sun hat; skin color black people should choose light red, orange, light gray sun hat.

3, according to temperament selection. Select the sun hat to pay attention to personal temperament consistent. Lively girl can choose the color contrast, style slightly exaggerated, can highlight the personality of the sun hat. And as a professional woman, you should choose to show the ability to do a lack of feminine sun hat.

4, according to age selection. Young people choose bright colors, style novel sun hat, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle age should highlight the generous, mature and calm age characteristics.

5, according to the use of frequency selection. Midsummer in the field of people who choose the sun hat should pay attention to its shade function, light, wide eaves of the various straw hat and work cap is most appropriate. Indoor work, only on the way to wear sun hat, should be in the style and color highlights its decorative function