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Baseball Cap How To Clean Hip-hop Juvenile Look Over It

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

"Yo yo, Chek trouble" cool handsome personality RAP and baseball cap is definitely a hip-hop juvenile standard. In this era of publicity personality, baseball cap as if it is born for the personality. However, in the publicity personality, you know how to clean it? Baseball cap how to clean it? Let us look at the following, the baseball cap cleaning method bar.

How about cleaning the baseball cap?

Slight stains: wet towel can be wiped.

Deep stains: If only a large area and has penetrated into the fabric stains, will have to use the method of washing.

1. Wipe with water in a place where the hat is stained.

2. Put a little bit of detergent in the area of the stain.

3. Brush with a toothbrush, remember not too much violence.

Cleaning steps

1, ready for a pot of warm water, in the warm water by adding neutral detergent.

2, if the baseball cap is only partially dirty, we can use a soft brush gently brush the baseball cap stains.

3, and if the baseball cap as a whole is not too clean, we can soak it in warm water, gently wash the cap body and hat, and then use a soft brush brush heavy dirty parts.

4, baseball cap sweat sweat will be more inner sweat, we can brush more than a few times, thoroughly wash sweat dirt.

5, the baseball cap rinse with water, after washing, that is, with water washed away stains (do not put the hat at the faucet strong flushing, because there may be in this step to lead to deformation caused by the impact) Moisture, not available Washing machine dehydration.

6, the baseball hat spread out, which stuffed the waste newspaper, hood wrapped in tissue paper, flat to dry, avoid hanging sun.

7, the use of adhesive tape to remove the hat surface of these dust and small wool.

What should I pay attention to the baseball cap?

1, for the baseball hat do not machine wash, because the baseball cap shape is fixed, machine wash will lead to deformation of the hat.

2, the best time to wash the baseball cap with warm water, do not use too hot water, hot water will usually make the baseball cap deformation.

3, hand wash time, you can use a soft brush in the cap body gently scrub, soft brush can be washed more carefully, it will not cause damage to the hat.

4, for some printing baseball cap, washed often lead to its fading, so this kind of baseball cap is best dry cleaning.

5, after cleaning the baseball cap can be wrapped with facial tissue, can effectively prevent its sun.