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Advertising Apron Market Is Still Relatively Large

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 17, 2017

Advertising apron can have a lot of fabrics, one of the most common, the lowest price is PVC. PVC apron can be waterproof, low prices, but also in the above through silk screen, watermark or printing and other printing process in the apron above marked with advertising text and pictures.

1, what is the advertising apron?

Is used for shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of a promotional items, advertising aprons are printed on the side of the advertising advertising advertising apron and corporate Peugeot.

Advertising apron promotions recommended: 1, for the promotion of food 2, for the supermarket women's supplies 3, for the promotion of household goods 4, the most common way of advertising gifts

2, advertising apron market

For advertising aprons, the market is still relatively large, every household needs, and now the apron relative to the previous, tricks, materials are also

Great change, which allows everyone to cook when they can have a good mood, to provide you with a lot of choice.

Advertising apron, as the name suggests, is to add the advertising ingredients, printed on the store name, trademark, phone, address, etc. are a good choice.

3, advertising apron features

1, users generally: apron is kitchen supplies, every household can not do without.

2, the demand for large: it is because every household is using aprons, so the demand is also increasing.

Non-woven apron as environmentally friendly fabric prices cheaper, no film, then tens of thousands of costs only a few hair. But this material is not waterproof, easy to bad. If only as a one-time apron to the enterprise to do publicity or can choose. Of course, non-woven apron can be waterproof effect, it would be made of film, the price will be much higher.

In addition to the above fabrics, you can also choose Oxford cloth, polyester, cotton, cotton polyester, Oxford cloth coating, and so dozens of kinds of fabric aprons, of course, different fabric prices vary greatly depends on how you choose.