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Specializing in high-end T-shirt mercerized cotton in the end is kind of how

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016
Source: Specializing in high-end T-shirt mercerized cotton in the end is kind of how

Mercerized cotton T-shirt is a T-shirt in high-end products, mercerized cotton fabric T-shirts than the average thin and light, soft, comfortable, does not irritate the skin, moisture absorption, good ventilation. Professional explanation refers to the cotton fiber in concentrated alkaline solution at a constant tension conditions mercerizing process, through fiber mercerized cotton in the context of other physical indicators of performance does not change, compared with its raw cotton fiber has better gloss , feel more comfortable, relatively easily wrinkled advantage.

The many advantages of mercerized cotton T-shirt, here we come one by one to know about:

1, fabric color bright, long wash does not change color;

2, the fabric has a sheen of silk fabrics;

3, fabric size is relatively stable, good sense of hanging;

4, fabric crisp, wrinkle resistance, not easy pilling wrinkle. Shirt mercerized cotton fabrics knitted fabrics and woven fabrics of the points. Mercerized cotton knitted fabrics are mostly used for high-end business men's T-shirts and POLO shirt, the price is relatively high. Mercerized cotton fabrics and woven fabrics mostly do business shirt, business shirt made of this fabric, light color is good, washing easily deformed, excellent permeability! Mercerized higher product costs, generally high-end consumer goods terminal POLO shirt , T-shirts, shirts and socks business. Best quality mercerized cotton products are: high-count combed cotton singeing made of double mercerized cotton mercerized, consumers should pay attention to distinguish only silk or fabric with a low count cotton mercerized cotton made products .