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Shirt washing method

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016
Source: Shirt washing method

Stone wash or adding a certain size of pumice in washing, making costumes and pumice polished, polished cylinder of water to low water level were completely soaked clothing, so that pumice can well in contact with the clothing. Before Cape stone wash or rinse can be carried out, but also in stone after rinsing. According to the different requirements of customers, can be used Yellowstone, Whitehead, AAA stone, artificial stone, plastic ball washing, washing to achieve different effects, washed, showing dark gray cloth, old-fashioned feel, clothing slight to severe damage .

Enzyme wash enzyme is a cellulase, which can in certain PH value and temperature of the fiber structure to produce degradation, so that fabric can be more moderate to fade, fade hair, soft and lasting effect. Or you can use instead of stone and stone, and stone, and if available, commonly referred to as enzyme stone wash.

Sand sand with some more alkaline, oxidizing chemicals, the clothes washed fade and have a certain sense of old, if accompanied by stone, washed cloth surface will produce a layer of soft white hair cream, then add some soft agents, make soft washed fabrics, soft, thereby improving the wearing comfort.

Chemical wash wash chemical additives primarily through the use of a strong base to achieve the purpose of faded, washed clothes have a more obvious sense of old, then add softener, clothes will be soft, full effect. If you add in the chemical wash stone, then called fossil wash, can enhance the effect of fading and wear, so that the clothes have a strong sense of dilapidated fossil collection wash chemical wash and stone wash effect rolled into one, a washed up Distressed species and raising effect.