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Reflective printing T-shirt customized

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016
Source: Reflective printing T-shirt customized

Reflective printing process description: Reflective printing is a spherical lens type glass beads (silica, titanium dioxide, barium oxide, wrong dioxide, zinc oxide, etc.) printed on the surface of the fabric, the fabric will be in glass beads a refraction of light refraction a reflection, makes the incident light back to the direction of the light reflective print paste composition comprising a reflector, Bo agent, a crosslinking agent and a coloring agent (to taste) and the like. a film-forming agent is required to have a strong and highly transparent characteristics, in order to improve product fastness, necessary, to add one crosslinking agent. A different shirt color paste printed reflective pattern reflective of their varying intensity, the deeper the color is generally a colorant, the ability to absorb light, the stronger, the lower the corresponding reflective intensity. Reflective coating and printing process printing process is similar to the first printing after drying at 100 to 105 ℃, and then baked at about 150 ℃ 3 min to complete the fixation.

Reflective printing textiles in the light conditions have a strong "eye-catching" effect, the use of safety clothing (or mark) this high visibility reflective material, regardless of the wearer is in a remote location, or in the light or scattered light interference case, can be relatively easily found the driver at night, which successfully resolved the "see" and "be seen" in night driving problems.