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Advertising apparel fabrics knowledge

Yangzhou Rongjia Headwear Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 28, 2016
Source: Advertising apparel fabrics knowledge

1, commonly used fabrics

Single jersey, double plain, beads (large beads, beads)

Explanation: plain cloth: woven with plain weave fabric called plain weave fabric. It is the warp and weft yarns to interweave once every two (ie, the yarn was 1 under 1). This feature is interwoven cloth points, texture fastness, Tinggua, smooth surface, relatively thin good wear resistance, good air permeability. High-grade embroidered fabrics are generally plain weave fabric. Plain cloth is woven out of the plain. Duplex indicates both sides are the same cloth or nearly the same, the price is relatively high, single-sided cloth contrary; beads and cloth is defined by a plain woven out, shirt-shaped fine mesh cloth with diamond. There rib fabrics, usually used for shirt collar, cuffs and elastic class ladies clothing. It is woven with a rib, it is characterized by flexibility.

2. Ingredients

[1] 100% cotton

[2] T / C cloth, polyester cotton component ratio / 90 / 10,85 / 15,75 / 25,70 / 30, 65 / 35,60 / 40

[3] CVC cloth, polyester / cotton composition ratio of 50 / 50,40 / 60, 30 / 70,20 / 80,15 / 85.10 / 90

[4] 100% pure polyester

Comments: 1, 100% cotton means cotton as raw material woven into the cloth, its price is relatively high.

2, T / C refers to a polyester and cotton blended fabrics as raw materials, it contains a higher proportion of polyester, polyester proportion above 60%.

3, CVC also refers to polyester and cotton blended fabrics as raw materials, it is the proportion of cotton containing more than 60% cheaper than T / C is high.

4, containing only pure polyester means a polyester cloth, such as really cool, it's the cheapest price.